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David Maples

CEO and Co-Founder of the digital marketing firm Catapult Creative Media Incorporated, David is involved in several different business ventures. He is a lawyer with experience in Intellectual Property, Internet Law, and business contracts. He is a sought after brand strategist for companies ranging from small businesses to the fortune 500. He has served on the boards of several internet startups and launched the software arm of Catapult with the Kydos online review and text marketing software.

David provides business consulting through Catapult and legal services through his law firm. He gives talks in the areas of digital marketing, business strategy, business advertising, cyber-security, online marketing and on building and managing successful sales teams. If you want to book David for your next corporate event, please reach out to us through the David Maples speaker site.

David Maples, host of The Buck Stops Here, providing business consulting

Why “The Buck Stops Here” Podcast

Let’s face it. The business world is filled with a lot of BS. Everyone seems to be trying to sell you something. The internet is filled with webinars that are just glorified infomercials that don’t really tell you anything. I personally found myself getting tired of it. Every time I turn around someone new is hawking a new “silver-bullet” for your business, guaranteed to fix everything that ails you. With all of the silver bullets out there you would think that werewolves were becoming a real problem.

Unfortunately, that seems to be the the nature of the internet these days. I felt it was time for someone to be a rational voice of reason to get out there and say what is really going on. The fact is that your business’s success and failure are not predicated on any kind of magical elixir and silver bullet. The things that will make you successful are the same as they generally always have been. Hard work, determination, a bias toward action and a healthy dose of luck. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you something. I’m not saying that there aren’t better ways to do the things you are currently doing. The fact is, there are–and this podcast should help you to uncover many of those things. But the basic building blocks of your success aren’t rocket science, and the best part is you already have a lot of the equipment you need to approach this work.

This podcast isn’t going to be for everyone. It will be holding up a mirror to show you business owners what you are facing, and some of us don’t like what we will be shown. God knows I have had to look into that mirror myself many times and had to tell myself some hard truths. What I can tell you is that if you are willing to take a look in the mirror and get brutally honest with yourself, you will be better for it and your business will improve, too. I guarantee it.

David Maples, host of The Buck Stops Here, at his desk recording

Fair Warning​

We aim to be honest, truthful and will make some mistakes along the way. When we do, we will admit to them and be honest with you as audience members. The podcast may have some colorful language in it at times.

We will also pitch our other services we offer from time to time. We promise to always be honest and let you know when we will be compensated for actions you take, merchandise you buy or services you sign up for.

We will not allow advertisers on our site that we have not vetted or have otherwise used their products or services. This is a promise to you, our audience, as you are the reason this podcast exists.


David Maples

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