David Maples, host of The Buck Stops Here, discussing business with co-host

The Buck Stops Here

We originally toyed around with different names and ideas for the podcast. We really wanted to call it the “No BS Business Podcast” but we decided that having the word¬† “nobs” in the web address might give people the wrong idea. The simple fact is that though we believe cutting through the BS in business is important, it kind of limits you to just that idea. We wanted something a little more expansive.

While on vacation with his wife Virginia in Key West David decided to visit President Truman’s Little White House. Harry Truman had always been a personal hero for David. As President, Truman told hard truths, believing that a hard truth is generally preferable to a beautiful lie. He was also a big proponent of the idea that the buck stopped with him in his Presidency. This expression means that you are ultimately responsible for making the decisions and must accept responsibility for all the things that happen under your watch. David thought that was a perfect sentiment and attitude for any business executive to have, and thus “The Buck Stops Here Podcast” was born.

We hope that you find the podcast entertaining, informative, and inspiring. We accept the sole responsibility for its contents and hope you will tell your friends about it.

What you can expect:

New podcast episodes every week

Inspiring interviews with business leaders that will shed some light on complicated business matters

Business strategy talks

No BS segments, where we break down what is really happening in business news

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